Who Are They?

Oh, my roomies?  Yeah, you know, they’re cool and all.

The Cock – He’s my tall drink of water, that man.  We were friends for years, then we were co-workers, then we were more-than-friends, now we get down.  Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow.  He works full time in a corporate environment, and I have no idea how he puts up with it.  If we weren’t broke as dirt you could say he’s my sugar-daddy.  But really, he’s so much more than that.

Mother Hen – The Cock’s mom.  Mistress and keeper of the coop.  Funny and incredibly kind, she is as mommy as moms come.  She always wants to know if you have enough cash in your pocket and enough gas in the car.  She knows before you do if you’re getting sick just by the way you’re breathing.  It’s weird.  She got me my own set of scrap-booking pens for my birthday.  She attends an annual quilt festival.  Need I say more?

Papa Rooster – The Cock’s dad.  Master of the coop.  He is diligent, organized, and loves to have a plan.  And if you decide to change the plan halfway through?  Lord help you.  Papa Rooster has an affinity for beer which I greatly admire.  He also has conspicuously absent sleep habits.  I suspect he may be a vampire.  A been-and-burrito-loving, dog-walking, lawn-mowing, long-hour-working vampire.  Oh, and he works from home so we have lots of time to chill together.  Awesome.


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