I’ve been applying for jobs for months.  Any type of job.  Office work, nanny gigs, housekeeper, you name it.  Nobody is hiring.  Rather, nobody is hiring me.  I had thought that it was because of the economy.  It’s a hiring market and there are hundreds of more experienced (read: older) people competing for the same jobs.  I used to have an edge (or I thought I did) because I’m young and cute and willing to work for very little money.  Unfortunately, all of those experienced people are now also willing to work for very little money, and cute doesn’t mean shit unless you want to work for a chauvinistic asshat.  At least that’s what I thought.  Now I’m thinking I’m not getting hired because I’m an idiot.

Earlier this week, I applied for an admin. assistant position at a school in the neighborhood.  The hours are looooooooong but it is close to home and it would pay enough to get The Cock and me out of the coop.  Guess what.  I got a call the same day!  Of course, I missed the call by 15 minutes, and immediately called back.  I was a little worried that I couldn’t understand the lady’s last name in her message, but I caught the first name and figured I could ask her to repeat her last name when I talked to her.  No biggie, right?  She didn’t answer and I left a message.

I was bummed when she didn’t return my call, and I couldn’t figure it out until this morning when I listened to her voicemail a few more times.  And you guys, I. Am. An. Idiot.  I didn’t realize that I also couldn’t understand the phone number she left in her message.  She had said “nine” but I heard “five.”   So I called some total stranger and left a message telling them that I was interested in the position and I was available anytime.  I’m sure that didn’t sound pervy at all.

Suffice it to say that I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting this job.  Because she either thinks I’m an asshole who didn’t call back for two days, or she thinks I’m an asshole who can’t even write down a phone number correctly.  I may as well have overlooked a typo on my freaking resume.  For all I know, maybe I did!  Apparently I’m not as “detail-oriented” as I thought.  Fuck.  There’s probably something funny about this, but I’m not seeing it right now.